Frequently Asked Questions#

Frequently asked questions for WaveLink and Lavalink.


How do I search YouTube for a track in 1.0?#

Searching Wavelink for Tracks is simpler in 1.0.

After connecting to a node, simply:


track = await"Ocean Drive", return_first=True)

What is PartialTrack and how do I use it?#

PartialTrack is a new feature to 1.0. Instead of searching for and retrieving a track immediately, PartialTrack allows you to queue a song and search at playtime. This allows large amounts of track data to be stored, and processed without querying the REST API continuously. See Examples and Recipes for more info, for a basic example see below:


partial = wavelink.PartialTrack(query="Ocean Drive", cls=wavelink.YouTubeTrack)

track = await
await ctx.send(f"**Now playing:** `{track.title}`.")